1. Make sure your backpack is comfy, take the time to adjust all straps and pouches. Remember to wear the clothing that you intend to YOMP in when doing this.

2.  When packing your backpack place lighter items at the bottom and heavier items at the top to reduce the pressure on your spine and shoulders.

3. If your are doing one of our 'Distance Challenges' break the mileage down into manageble chunks, do not try to do big distances in one go if you are not conditoned to do this.

4. Check for any rubbing or chaffing from your pack and adjust accordingly.

5. Set a pace and rhythm that feels comfortable to you and try to maintain it. 

6. Look after you feet, check for potential blister spots and rubbing. YOMPING in walking boots may be new so take time to build up your distances. Your boots need to fit you so if not sure go for a boot fitting. 

7. Keep your toe nails short and trimmed, long toe nails can bang up against the toe box of your boots and cause inflammation, bruising and pain.

8. Carry enough food and water. Take regular sips of water every 20mins and small mounthfuls of food.

9. Make sure you look up and around when YOMPING as much as possible, this will open up your chest and allow you to fill your lungs.

10. Stretch out the major muscles in your legs after YOMPING as well as your neck and shoulders. Your body will thank you for this.

11. Do not force yourself through injury, stop get the right advice and treatment and let your body heal. 

12. Have fun and enjoy.