How it works

A ‘Virtual YOMPING Challenge’ can done from any location you choose.

Step 1: Sign up for your YOMP IT Virtual LOADBEARING Distance Race / Virtual LOADBEARING Distance Challenge.

Step 2: Make sure you have the correct kit, i.e. backpack / well fitted walking boots or shoes / choose your Tier 3-1 / minimum Tier 3 (20lbs) weight in backpack. 

Step 3. Join our YOMPING community private Facebook group

Step 4: Get YOMPING! and complete your challenge wherever you want to, in the allotted time, with the correct weight.

Step 5:   You must submit your completed 'Tracker Form' via the ‘submit evidence’ page. Additional evidence can also be submitted in the form of a photo of your Garmin, Fitbit or App.

If you have completed one of our YOMP IT Virtual LOADBEARING Distance Races you do not need to submit the tracker form, a photo of your Garmin, Fitbit or App is sufficient. Make sure you submit your time, you may be eligible for our leader board.

INTEGRITY is a COMMANDO value that we expect you to adhere to....why would you make a false claim!

Step 6: Once your evidence is received, your medal and certificate will be posted to you. 

Step 7: Bathe in the glory and then get straight back out there with your next challenge!



At present with the COVID 19 outbreak delivery of medals may take a little longer to get to you than normal. Please be patient we will keep you updated and you will get your medal.

International Shipping

We ship internationally at present to the USA and Canada at a flat rate of £5 per medal. We do not offer a tracked service as to keep the costs of shipping down for you. Shipping can take 14 - 28 working days to get to you, plus at the present time with the COVID 19 outbreak local delivery may be affected. Replacement medals are sent out after 28 days.