We run Virtual YOMPING LOADBEARING Distance Races and Virtual YOMPING LOADBEARING Distance Challenges. 

YOMPING, quite simply involves walking / shuffling at a fast pace carrying a weighted backpack. YOMPING is a term used by the military to describe this activity. Other interchangeable words that are used are Tabbing and Rucking. Some of the most famous YOMPERS, TABBERS and RUCKERS are the Royal Marine Commandos, Paratroopers and Special Forces Groups. The once unknown world of these elite military units has now begun to open up and many people are fascinated by how these soldiers train and maintain their legendry fitness in order to operate and function in extreme and hostile environments.

YOMPING will get you away from the gym, the TV and your phone and into the outdoors. If you don’t like running then YOMPING for fitness is for you. YOMPING will strengthen and tone your back, arms, shoulders, buttocks and legs and requires minimal kit.

Along with a great cardio vascular workout YOMPING will burn over double the number of calories as walking. It is scalable so you can slowly increase your distance and loadbearing weight over time plus you can YOMP with a friend, on your own or part of a group!

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YOMP IT Virtual Physical Challenges was founded by Jamie Archer a former Royal Marines Commando, Athlete, Personal Fitness Trainer and Osteopath.

Jamie has YOMPED, TABBED and RUCKED all over the world both as an elite soldier and civilian. He loves the mountains and a challenge!