100 Miles in a Month Virtual LOADBEARING Distance Challenge

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The Virtual LOADBEARING Distance CHALLENGES are about testing yourself and pushing yourself through what you thought possible. You are in control of the LOADBEARING weight (minimum required), the location and the challenge you set yourself.

Set yourself the goal of YOMPING 100 miles in one month. This is a LOADBEARING Distance Challenge requiring you to carry a weighted backpack. There are 3 tiers of weight. You must carry at least Tier 3. You have a maximum of one month (31 days) from the time of purchase to complete your challenge and earn your medal.

Tier 3 = 20lbs

Tier 2 = 35lbs

Tier 1= 40lbs plus


Your medal will be sent out once your month is up.

Please note mileage gained while competing in other events will not count towards your total. This is a stand alone event.